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Sam playing

I originally come out of Los Angeles and have been living in Germany since July of 2011. As a father of five children I have much experience with kids and choose to specialize my business on ages 4 to 14 years while development of the body and mind are still quite formidable.

Growing up in L.A. gave me the chance to hang out with and play with several top professionals in the music industry such as: Abraham Laboriel Sr., Abe Jr., Alex Acuña, Justo Almario, Greg Mathieson, Caleb Quaye and many others. My musical background of Marching snare drum, Concert snare drum, Latin music and Rock N’ Roll has given me the possibility to play live on stage with these professionals in three countries outside of Germany.

Twenty-Five years of active musicianship and learning lead me eventually to one of the top trainers in the industry – Bruce Becker. This initial student, turned friend, relationship has carried through into current day allowing for the chance to host a workshop in Braunschweig for Bruce back in 2014 as well as host his brother David – a top guitarist in the music industry – two times. The approach to learning that I utilize comes from Bruce and is that which inspires me to play and spurns desire to teach. This approach has also helped several top professionals improve upon their existing performance, benefitting them after years of already having been large names in the music industry.


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